Top 10 places to visit in Sacramento – California

By | January 26, 2017

Visiting sunny California can be fun, and these are the top 10 places to visit in Sacramento and why.


California State Capitol

If you visit Sacramento, one of the place you should visit California State Capitol. The building was built in 1869, and its architectural design makes for an amazing view. Furthermore, the building features a gift shop where you can buy a gift for a friend, as well as a modern museum.


California State Railroad Museum

The museum is located in the Old Town, and features dining cars as well as artifacts and books. If you visit, take the time to explore the museum and perhaps take a train ride on the river. The rides are available all through summer, and the museum is open all year long.


The Crocker Art Museum

The museum features works of art coming from Europe, as well as Asia and Africa. Crocker Art Museum has been founded in 1885, and is nowadays visited by millions of people all over the world. More than only foreign art, the museum includes pieces designed by Californian artists.


The Midtown

This relatively new area of the city features many shops, restaurants, bars and art events. The Midtown is the place to go when you want to have a fun night out, see some art galleries or do some shopping.


Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park

The Victorian style home includes 30 rooms that are open for visits. Along with that, the museum also offers guided tours that last for about 45 minutes.


Sutter’s Fort

Situated pretty close to the Capitol building, Sutter’s Fort pays homage to the war times in which it was built. The area can be visited for a fee of $7 per adult, and is open everyday starting with 10 am and up until 5 pm.


Old Sacramento

Every tourist wants to learn more about the roots of the city, and Old Sacramento gives you the chance to do so. The area is a National Landmark, and features vintage shops as well as art galleries. Furthermore, Old Sacramento includes no less than 5 museums you may want to visit.


Fairytale Town

Maybe you have children, and in this case there is no better place to go then Fairytale Town. This amusement park offers kids the chance to act their own favorite fairy tales, and some of the most famous cartoon characters reside here.


California State Railroad Museum

If you are a fan of trains, don’t miss out on the occasion to see this museum. The museum is encompassed within a 225,000 square feet space, and provides educational exhibits as well as unique interiors.


Sacramento Zoo

Take some time off your day to check out the Sacramento Zoo. The park is the place where over 140 species of animals reside, including giraffes and lions. Many of these species are endangered, and your kids will love getting up close and personal with the animals they love. The Zoo is open daily starting with 9 am, all year round.