Five reasons to visit Custer, South Dakota: Custer State Park Resort

By | June 29, 2017

Vacations are fun, and you should consider visiting South Dakota at some point in the future. If you are wondering about some of the activities in the area, read on for more info on Custer State Park Resort. This resort will surprise you with its many activities and fun things to do.

Restaurants and dining
The hotel makes dining a fun and relaxing experience you may want to be a part of. Head over to The Blue Bell Lodge in order to have a taste of the traditional dishes in the area in a wonderful setting. If you are looking for something more formal, he State Game Lodge Restaurant could be just what you need. In addition to these restaurants, you can also choose the fresh cuisine at Sylvan Lake Lodge. You should know that pets are welcome here, in case you brought along your furry friend.

Fun things to do
You will surely not get bored here, as the hotel offers many cool things to do and see. For example, you can start off by going to the park, where you can hike or walk to your heart’s content. Here you will be able to encounter wild animals like bears and squirrels, and maybe have a picnic with your family on a Sunday morning.

Check out the attractions
The area is full of natural attractions and not only, so make sure to visit at least a few of them during your trip. Check out the impressive The Mount Coolidge Lookout Tower, a spot where you can take some amazing pictures. Don’t forget to visit the amazing Mount Rushmore Memorial in order to learn more about America’s presidents. Last but not least, you may want to climb up to the Harney Peak and get some great views of the entire area.

The hotel’s events
Even if you don’t go far from your hotel, you can still engage in many activities you can enjoy. You can book a Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour in order to see the buffalos residing in the area, of participate in the cool Hayride & Chuck Wagon Cookout. The cookout event is a tradition you may not want to miss out on while you stay at the hotel. Maybe you enjoy riding horses and in that case, you should know that horseback rides are available. Fans of watersports will also have something to do, as the resort offers boat rentals to all its guests.

Wedding packages
You probably want your wedding day to be just as special as you are. In that case, you should check out the wedding packages offered by the hotel. The staff will help you in organizing your reception and vent just the way you want it to be, and catering menus are offered as well. You can also get a customized wedding package that will include the options you need. Outdoor weddings are also available here, and you can have the wedding of your dreams in an amazing setting with your family and friends