Five reasons to visit Breezy Point, Minnesota: Breezy Point Resort

By | June 15, 2017

There are many things to do at Breezy Point Resort, a wonderful place in the heart of Minnesota. However, if you are wondering which are the top 5 reasons to go, then read on. This article will provide you with some info about this relaxing hotel, and you may even want to come back again here in the future.

Great dining options
Maybe you want to have a formal dinner, or just want to enjoy a lunch out with your friends. No matter the case, the resort will provide you with anything you need in order for your vacation to be successful. The resort offers many different restaurants to choose from, including Antlers which is the perfect location for outdoor dining. If you want something different, maybe The Dockside Lounge can provide what you need. The Lounge offers succulent steaks and pizza for you to enjoy, as well as specialty cocktails you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Go to the Spa
The spa is the perfect place to enjoy a day without stress, so check out the extensive menu and take your pick. Here you can benefit from the most relaxing body therapies and facials, so that you can go back home feeling brand new. The spa also offers manicure and pedicure services, as well as hairstyling. The products used here belong to the most luxurious and professional lines.

Winter events
The resort is fun to visit no matter the season, however the winter activities will make you want to return here again. For example, you will be able to engage into snowboarding activities or maybe learn how to ski. Groups of all ages are welcome to develop their skills, and this includes kids. If you are lucky enough to visit in January, don’t forget to attend the fun Winter Ice Fest. The winter attractions here are famous, so take the time to experience them all.

Resort activities
This resort does not disappoint its guests, and has something for everyone. You will be able to enjoy the numerous activities organized here, which include The Memories of Elvis Show in May. In addition to that, there are many concerts and live festivals taking place here all through the summer, so don’t miss out on attending at least a few. If you are not in the mood for events, you can simply check out the area and explore the surroundings. The area nearby the resort includes hiking and biking trails.

Golf packages and events
Are you a big fan of golf? it doesn’t really matter whether you are a fan of this sport or you just want to try something new. The resort puts at your disposal a fun golf course that is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Maybe you are looking for a vacation that is solely focused on golf, so take your time to check out all the golf packages available here. You can choose between an all inclusive package or customize your options the way you want.