Five reasons to visit Birchwood, Wisconsin: Stout’s Island Lodge

By | June 13, 2017

There are many things to do on a nice vacation, so read on for some things to do and see in Stout’s Island Lodge. This family friendly resort makes the perfect destination all year round, so check out the five reasons to visit it. You will not regret your trip.

The Stout’s Island Lodge Restaurant
The restaurant is located in the hotel lobby and makes a wonderful destination for a family or romantic dinner. The menu is diverse and the food is fresh, which makes it enjoyable for any tourist. In addition to this, you can also host a private event here as the restaurant is the perfect location for that. The restaurant’s food is made with local ingredients brought fro the farmer’s market, so you can simply not go wrong if you choose to eat here.

Engage in fun activities
Maybe you are looking for some fun things to do, and in that case you will not be disappointed in the resort’s offer. Here you can play some of your favorite games like badminton or tennis, sit by a bonfire and have some smores or go fishing. Furthermore, the resort also offers water related activities like canoeing. If you need a boat, you should know that the equipment is free for rent as long as you arrive early enough.

Play golf
Do you enjoy playing golf more than anything else? If so, the resort has something for you: the challenging and fun golf course is available all year round. You will be able to play this elegant sport in a natural setting, and the natural backdrop will inspire you to improve your skills. Professional golf classes are also available here, and these are designed for all skills levels.

Explore the area
If you want to learn about the area and get accustomed to it, you should consider going on a day of exploring. You will be able to locate many boutiques in the area, and maybe find some of the items you have been looking for. Furthermore, you can check out the trails nearby and keep in shape during your vacation as well. The amazing views and mountain surrounding the hotel will help you feel refreshed and relaxed. Visit the The Tuscobia Trail first, as the 74 mile trail is one of the most popular in the area.

The hotel’s amenities
Maybe you just want to stay inside and relax, and in that case the hotel provides anything you may need to have fun. The resort features a large gym where you can hit the elliptical machine, but also lift weight or swim at the pool. If you get hungry you can always order room service, and enjoy all the facilities the room offer. You can even host a business meeting or an event in the event room, as the facility offers free internet as well as high definition television. Wedding and group packages are also available here, in order for your vacation to turn out just the way you want it to be.